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Welcome Familia!

The primary goal of Somos Sanctuary is to support all those seeking a life full of love and peace. Along this path we recognize the immeasurable value of our fellow travelers. The community is recognized for its ability to support spiritual development by providing safe and affirming space while also acting as a perfect mirror for our mutual growth. At the same time, we hold each individual’s experience as their own sacred journey.

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By understanding everyone’s unique circumstances, we come to together in mutual and profound way, to build heartfelt connections. In these connections we often find the most powerful medicines, a distinct sense of sovereignty, a deep understanding of ourselves, and transformative acceptance of what is here now.


“My work with Maya and the Somos Sanctuary team has been nothing short of life changing. The generosity and intention that they bring to gatherings, and the ongoing supportive community that they offer, has allowed me to make powerful  and sustaining changes in my life.  Deep gratitude to the entire team for their care and open hearts.”
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Community Photo Gallery

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