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About the Sacraments

At SomoS Sanctuary we consecrate and work with a number of different sacramental medicines, that each have their own unique aspects, spirits, qualities and experiences. In order to help familiarize you with them in preparation for joining us in prayer with them, here you can find some introductory information about these sacraments — where they come from, ways in which they are worked with, and some of their histories.

What is a SomoS Ceremony?

A Somos Ceremony is a special gathering centered around the Tepezcohuite plant, also known as "mimosa tenuiflora." In Brazil, it's called "Jurema," and some call it “Anahuasca”, considering it a sister plant to Ayahuasca due to similarities in their active chemicals and the experiences they offer. Jurema has been cherished for its healing, growth, insight, and connection for centuries. This sacred plant is derived from the Tepezcohuite Root, which is native to regions stretching from Mexico to Brazil. To awaken its potential, we combine it with Syrian Rue, a seed containing a monoamine oxidase inhibitor that activates Jurema. 


Tepezcohuite is renowned for its therapeutic properties and its role as a teacher and guide. Somos ceremonies usually begin at sunset and typically last for 5-6 hours. Throughout the ceremony, we create an altar to support our collective and individual prayers with music, sacred tools like palo santo and sage, energetic cleanses (known as a "limpia" in Spanish), and assistance for participants' needs. Depending on how Jurema interacts with people, the experience can vary widely. Some may prefer to lie down, while others may express their prayers through movement and dance. In essence, each experience is as unique as the prayers of the individuals and the transformative power of our sacred community.

What is Bufo (Toad Activation)?

Bufo is a sacred medicine obtained from the Sonoran Desert Toad, Incilius Alvarius. It contains compounds known as Bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT. Our family gathers it sustainably in Mexico with great care for ceremonial use. Bufo is renowned for its swift and profound effects, often leading to deep insights and understanding. Although the immediate experience is relatively short, the long-term impact can be life-changing. A Bufo ceremony typically lasts for 3-4 hours. It can stand alone as a powerful teacher or work synergistically with Jurema/Tepezcohuite, which is why we often incorporate it into our offerings the day after a Somos Ceremony.

What is Kambo (Frog Activation)?

Kambo is a sacred medicine obtained from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor tree frog, which is native to the Amazon regions of Brazil, Peru and Colombia. This profound teacher and guide is a wonderful ally in breaking cycles of “stuckness”, bad luck, low mood, fatigue, pain and many other difficulties. It helps restore balance and equilibrium to all our systems, and facilitates the release of that which no longer serves us. It is also traditionally used as a hunting medicine, sharpening awareness of our sensory input, and improving stamina. Furthermore, many people find that in the process of receiving Kambo, they are able to connect with the fearless energy of this frog with no natural predators. 

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